09 July 2009

Breaking Romm's Rules

Joe Romm has instructed his readers and the media not to read what I write. One brave soul, an economist at the Australian National Universityhas violated Joe's orders and based on Romm's directives, actually has read some of what I've written:
I'd never heard of either Roger Pielke Sr or Roger Pielke Jr until I read very critical commentary on both of them on the Climate Progress blog. I've looked through a lot of Pielke Junior's blogposts, his paper in nature with Wigley, and slides from a recent presentation he gave. Most of what I read seemed entirely non-controversial from my perspective. In no way is the guy a "climate denier". Rather, he seems concerned that:

1. Proposed policy is too ineffective and instead more measures should be taken to directly encourage innovation.

2. Scientific results are used incorrectly by many climate policy advocates. This reduces the credibility of science in the eyes of the public when they realise "they've been had".

So I don't see what all the fuss is about.
I suppose I should thank Joe for sending an open-minded reader my way ;-)


  1. Earlier this month, Romm claimed "Yes. I normally ignore The Talented Mr. Pielke until. . . "

    Uh huh. Or was that supposed to be a joke?

    (I can't seem to cut and paste into your comment field, a problem that only happens here. Is there some setting in your comments that tell Firefox to not permit "pasting"? It's odd. )

  2. Weird... after commenting once, it permits me to paste.

  3. I read both this blog and Climate Progress and get benefit from both.

  4. Make that two open minded readers your way.

    This is an exceptional blog with very clear thinking and although you currently represent the *minority view* I'd predict the media will eventually learn to review at least some of the data and start to challenge the alarmism that has now lept boldly into otherwise objective and distinguished scientific circles.

    When Joe Romm blog banned a person for the audacity of challenging him respectfully on obvious points I tried to comment there (in a very civil way) but I was immediately banned. No room for dissent at ClimateProgress as they have an agenda to promote.

    I'm not clear Romm allows *any* but foolish dissenters whose stupid non-points are then held up as examples of "climate denial at work". It's a trick he may have learned from RealClimate where intelligent criticism is often moderated unfairly even as idiotic assent is allowed to stand.

    Keep up the clear thinking - the world certainly can use all rational hands on board as we meet the always uncertain future.

  5. "Yes. I normally ignore The Talented Mr. Pielke until. . . "

    Uh huh. Or was that supposed to be a joke?
    I took that to be a reference to The Talented Mr. Ripley ... though since I haven't seen it, I don't know exactly what it means. Nothing complimentary, obviously.

  6. Some people just don't like opposing views. In their world, the earth would still be at the center of the universe and all the gods watching over us.

  7. What Mr Romm doesnt get is most people can think for themselves and view both his rants as well as what both the Pielke's write and make up their own minds. The people Romm is really insulting is his readers!