15 July 2009

Mexico 2010

In 2009 forget Copenhagen and in 2010 forget South Africa. It is Mexico 2010 where the action will be according to the latest expectations-lowering/setting from the Obama Administration, from Platts:
Jonathan Pershing, the US deputy special envoy for climate change, on Monday downplayed hopes that UN-led talks set to conclude in December in Copenhagen will result in a final climate change agreement.

"[The talks] won't fail, but [they] will likely be inadequate," Pershing said in remarks to the Committee on America's Climate Choices in Washington.

Congress last year directed the National Academy of Science to establish the committee to investigate issues related to climate change and make recommendations about possible responses. The panel is scheduled to release four reports this year and a final report sometime in 2010.

Pershing told the group that although there is great deal of political pressure to accomplish something from the talks, the reality will be that the components and analysis of any results will be left for the next UN-led meeting, set for 2010 and possibly held in Mexico. Recommendations from Copenhagen will provide "real space for doing an agreement," he said.

1 comment:

  1. "real space for doing an agreement"

    It would be interesting to see a compilation of the vague, empty phrases used over the past few years by those involved in the international negotiating process to dress up the lack of any serious action on climate change. An agreement always manages to feel so close.

    Perhaps it's merely a reflection of our innate human optimism in working together, or moreso a reflection of the reality of environmental treatymaking at the international scale. It's probably both, but the latter is feeling more imposing with every passing failed climate conference.