19 October 2009

My Denier Credentials Exposed

I promised Brad DeLong that I'd feature his response to my request for some support of his approvingly reproducing comments that I an "dishonest and stupid" and a "clever denier." DeLong has now responded and this post makes good on that promise. Before I do so let me apologize to Brad for suggesting that he was not letting my comments through on his blog. Apparently his blog had some technical problems that were not allowing comments to be seen and I misinterpreted that technical glitch as willful action. Apologies (I gotta remember Ben Hale's principle of charity!). Maybe DeLong will return the favor by retracting his own comments made in also jumping to a wrong conclusion. I am happy to give him that opportunity.

OK, here, now that I can see DeLong's responses over at his blog I can report them here. So ... drum roll ... according to Brad DeLong here are my denier credentials.

1. I botched a Google search. Guilty as charged. I will also admit to making other mistakes occasionally as well.

2. Al Gore removed a slide in his slide show because I accurately critiqued its misuse. Joe Romm did not like that this happened and threw a fit.

That is it. Disappointed? I sure am. Perhaps a better line of attack would be to categorize me as a denier because I deny being a denier. Do I expect these guys to debate me on substance? No. Are they invited to do so? Yes, sure -- here is a link to my publications.

Readers can look at who is calling who names and who is willing to engage in substantive debates over actual peer-reviewed research and come to their own conclusions about things, and I am happy for them to do so. If Brad DeLong or Joe Romm or any of the folks who routinely criticize me want to publicly debate climate policy with me, they have a standing invitation. Meantime, I am going to get back to regularly scheduled programming.


  1. DeLong does ditch comments. You can be charitable if you like, but he does ditch them. Considering what Romm has been up to, seems like the two Clintonites are keen to focus on your peccadillos rather than Romm's mortal sins. I've been in journalism since 76. I've never done what Romm did, never knew of a colleague or competitor that did what he did. Never even heard a story in a bar about something like that. Should be a career killer for Romm. Doubt it will turn out that way.

  2. How embarrassing. DeLong seems to have misplaced the comment from "Ron" that I link to above;


    Using the principle of charity, I will assume that this is another technical glitch.

  3. "If Brad DeLong or Joe Romm or any of this crowd wants to publicly debate climate policy with me, they have a standing invitation. I don't expect any takers."

    Strike the phrase "this crowd" and the sentence "I don't expect any takers." Why be snarky? You usually aren't. It is one of your best qualities. Keep up the good work.

  4. -3-Luke Lea

    Editorial guidance taken. Thanks.

  5. Roger,

    Based upon the evidence I presented in this comment, I suspect DeLong had originally selected (intentionally or otherwise) an option to hide all comments for that post and that post only.

    Our Blogger.com platform allows a similar option, but not quite that.

    By the way, my comment -- cross posted on your blog -- still does not appear on DeLong’s blog. Perhaps using directly cited peer reviewed science to challenge his fantasies about CO2 historically driving temperature is verboten at the DeLong blog.

  6. I posted comments on Brad DeLong's website for years. My observation for years and years is that he deletes comments he doesn't like.

    He even says he does in your postings with him. He says, oh I publish them, but later, I may delete them if I find them actively misleading.

    The truth is he deletes them if he doesn't like them, and at times, he hasn't used the actively misleading wording, he has said that as moderator he deletes them if he doesn't like where the thread is heading off to.

    But he deletes comments and deletes comments and deletes comments and never ever says why or acknowledges it in the thread.

    Actually, I'd say over the years he posted the vast majority of my comments, but ask any of his long time commenters.

    Brad DeLong deletes comments.