02 October 2009

Someone Please Set Ben Straight

My colleague Ben Hale, a fellow professor of Environmental Studies here at Colorado and apparently a philosopher of some sort, has a new blog. Ben is wicked smart, so his blog is sure to be well worth a daily visit. I see in his most recent post that he has ventured into commentary on the Hockey Stick controversy. Ben's insights are worth hearing because he is coming to this fresh and he is a straight shooter. But he doesn't yet seem to have all the details right, could some of you guys head over there and set him straight? I'm sure he'll welcome your visit, but be careful-- only get into a debate with Ben if you are fully prepared. You've been warned ;-)


  1. Possibly Ross McKitrick would be more than happy to "set him straight".

  2. Roger

    I see more than a little irony in your warning that we be fully prepared to engage the gentleman. Anyone who enters the fray thinking that support for the hockey stick is robust needs to do a good deal of preparing himself. Frankly, I don't see what he has to offer. He parachutes in with no knowledge of the topic whatsoever and wants to debate this one particular issue? This seems to represent the difference between having school smarts and having good sense.

  3. -2-NWB

    Bah! ;-) He's got to start somehwere . . .

  4. Come on NWB,

    he's throwing a colleague and his newly created blog some traffic and a helping hand.

  5. Interesting. Roger, I think your friend swings and misses here. As I read it, he's trying to make an argument about credibility and burdens of proof which is similar to one a lawyer at trial might try with a judge or jury. That's my kind of briar patch.

    Unfortunately, he doesn't identify the issue properly and he fails to fully appreciate that a major part of the devastation wreaked upon Briffa's reconstruction came from Briffa's own hands when he released the data.

  6. Roger, Stan above is right.

    your buddy is just a typical philosopher playing the game of: here is an issue, pick a side and I will take the other so we can debate.

    He is completely clueless about the actual issue, thus this is just verbal masturbation.

    Sorry, his traffic will die off, since he has nothing to offer.