13 January 2010

Haiti Earthquake Disaster

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti


  1. People should think about where they should send their money.
    Ideally you should look for organizations that are familiar with Haiti, have relevant resources and expertise and are trustworthy. Doctors without Borders is one such organization. The Salvation Army is another. My wife is active in Rotary - District 7780 - which covers primarily the Maine and NH Seacoast. Her District Governor sent the following note:

    "We recommend sending donations to Konbit Santé ( which means Partnership for Health) for the following reasons:
    1.Since the 2007-2008 Rotary year sixteen clubs in our district have been involved in a project overseen by this organization at the Saint Justinian Hospital in Haiti.
    2.Konbit Santé headquarters are located in Portland, Maine
    3.While Haiti is in chaos, Konbit Santé is organized, has a plan in place and is on the ground following their plan.
    4. Seriously injured earthquake victims from Port au Prince are being air-lifted to the St. Justinian Hospital.
    5. The St. Justinian Hospital has sent medical teams to Port au Prince.

    The St. Justinian Hospital is in Cap-Haitien about 80 miles north of Port au Prince and appears to be ine of the few hospitals that are fully functioning. Konbit Sante is a health care focused group that supports local health professionals - see http://www.konbitsante.org/About_Us/index.php
    St. Justinian's will be carrying a much increased load for an extended period of time and they would efficiently use whatever resources they receive.
    Whatever you do, just make sure that the help gets to those who need it.

  2. Individual donations to disaster relief efforts are a sort of regressive taxation on our morality. If I gave $20 to the Red Cross, that would represent 1.2 percent of my monthly income as a Teaching Assistant here at CU.

    1.2 percent of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's monthly compensation in 2008 was $43,000.

    Who, pray tell, ought to be stepping up to the plate?

  3. KC
    It is a case of the widow's mite.
    It matters not who else steps to the plate. As an individual, one does what one feels is the right thing to do. You choose. Who cares what Lloyd Blankfein does or does not do?

  4. "Individual donations to disaster relief efforts are a sort of regressive taxation on our morality."

    Donations are voluntary. Taxes are not.