12 June 2010

England 1 USA 1

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World Cup 2010: Into Africa - Two Teams, One Cup
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Max Boykoff said...

Great stuff. I can't wait to see what he does Monday in response to today's US v England draw.

adaptalready said...

And this!
"as an american, I don't care about soccer. it's just one more thing the rest of the world is trying to cram down our throats, like the metric system and the geneva convention."

the soccer bit starts about half way through:


Malcolm said...

The Hand Of Clod

PS I don't care about soccer either. The rest of the world plays football, the Americans don't.

eric144 said...

Video not available in your country !!

As I predicted, England's captain blamed the bad result on the ball. That leaves referees, food, the pitch, cheating foreigners and global warming for later.


Orson said...

Like I wrote, it could just as well be Irish line dancing - only they didn't even need a ball to get a tie score ending!

Similar footwork - same outcome.

EliRabett said...

Given that the same thing happened to Algeria, the advice to forwards has to be shoot bouncers.

Craig 1st said...

England blamed its misfortunes on the ball, saying it "moved." Since when is a ball in play, merely stationary?

Adrian said...

I always find it funny when the US claim the ROW
are trying to force Soccer on them.

The US got to the semi-finals in the first ever
world cup. Long before teams like England took
it seriously!

It's also like the little known fact that the
first ever international cricket match was
between the US and Canada:

Malcolm said...

FIFA invite the best football players in the world to Africa and then they make them play with an expensive beach ball.

The ball is causing every one problems. It is too light, it flies and moves thru the air like a banana thrown by a gorilla, touch players find it very difficult to control, goalkeepers find it impossible, it skips then bounces high, you can't cross with it and it flies over the bar at free kicks.

eric144 said...


These things happen, usually caused by the pitch. Nothing to do with the ball, which was tested by all the teams before the tournament. Goalkeepers were concerned by the aerodynamic properties , causing it to move (swerve) in the air more than other balls. That is all, no bounce problems.

England's captain said the ball 'moved'. You can see how he confused himself.

Frontiers of Faith and Science said...

The approach of the British towards American soccer is not really any different from how they approach climate reporting.

Iain Murray said...

At the next one, they should make them play with an old-style leather case ball, complete with laces. And make sure the pitch is cold and wet, so half a ton of mud clings to it. Then we'll see players complain about the ball. Especially those who have to head it.

bernie said...

Gerrard would have been wise to say nothing. However, it is really important that the defence have confidence in a keeper.

As to the ball - it will take some getting use to - as anyone who regularly plays realizes. The same is true for a surface.

On the other hand, every goalkeeper who has played has had to deal with this kind of mishap - especially yours truly. It was not the error, it was the context within which the error occurred. Does anyone remember James' misjudgement in the Cup 8 years ago? At least they haven't yet shot the keeper.

Those of us in Boston have our own memories of Bill Buckner.

Gerard Harbison said...

"You can try to contain it, but sometimes it just seems to squirt out.", as Tony Hayward said sympathetically to the England keeper.

Not a good month for Green, from England's point of view.

Craig 1st said...

Gerald Harbison - 14

Perhaps the scientists like Pielke need to develop a pair of gloves to control those squirts.

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