06 July 2010

Goal of the World Cup

And then check this out:


  1. Well spotted, Roger!

    I'll enjoy my last day as leader of your ESPN bracket thingy... Argentina let me down, and there are plenty of people who have either Spain or Germany proceeding into the final and who'll overtake me.

  2. -1-Richard

    You have had a nice run in the bracket competition! I'll post an update after tomorrow's game. I am still hoping for a top 5 finish myself (tied with you if so;-).

    I will admit to being completely surprised by Germany's run. I was in Germany the week before the Cup (actually I was there when I made my selections for the bracket competition), and everyone I talked to there really played down the German chances. I must say I do like their van Gaal-inspired style, but Spain will be a more formidable .opponent than any faced so far. Holland can beat Spain, not sure about Germany.

    What would it take to get van Gaal to coach the US? We'll have Klinsmann before that I suppose, which wouldn't be so bad.

  3. Ten years ago, different ball :-)


    I was sure rjtklein would fall from grace because he supported his own country. Wrong again !

    Germany are only a Paul Gascoigne short of being unbeatable. He would have fitted in perfectly. I love intelligent football.

    Torres isn't fit, Germany are favourites.

  4. Hup Holland!!
    I agree. A Dutch/German match will be one to behold.

  5. Can the word "identical" apply to two different brilliant goals, in different countries, in different competitions? Now I have something else to talk about regarding Giovanni von Bronckhorst, other than he is on my all-name team....

  6. I have been talking down Germany as well... Young and unexperienced team. But what seems to count in this tournament is TEAM. Many great football nations depend too much on single star players who are hyped until everyone believes that the game will be decided by them. This has proven wrong. Even more, it seems to have had a counterproductive effect (Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka, etc).
    Germany (and Holland) display strong team spirit while Spain seems to be ruled by a grumpy old man regime. Such much for the prediction tonight...
    Should be a final NL-Germany

  7. It can be very quite in Hamburg :-) I wonder how many tons of CO2 have been avoided this evening

  8. -7-eduardo

    I suspect that there is at least one big smile in Hamburg ;-)