16 September 2010

2010 Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts -- Another Skill Update

Ryan Maue provides an update (see the figure above) of the evolution of the current hurricane season as compared to the seasonal forecasts.  The seasonal forecasts are looking pretty good at this point, with total ACE at about 107 as of today.

Hurricane trivia: There are presently three hurricanes in the Atlantic.  The only two years to see 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic at once are 1893 and 1998.  (Courtesy of Max Mayfield and Phil Klotzbach)

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  1. We have no idea if it is accurate to say that it's rare to have multiple hurricanes at once in the Atlantic. Look at the forecasts for Igor and Julia- they are practically on top of each other and both will peter out in the middle of the ocean- though Bermuda is in for a taste. How would anyone in the years 1850, 1750 or 1650 have any idea how many storms were happening simultaneously?