01 September 2010

Incorrect Quote in The Daily Mail

[UPDATED: Benny Peiser emails me to explain that the quote was in fact his, and that he wrote The Daily Mail requesting a correction.  The online version of the story has been corrected, but unfortunately the printed version has the error.  I have no idea how the mistake occurred, but I have thus updated this post and its title to reflect the apparent sloppiness rather than malfeasance.  I have also noted that the error now only exists in the print edition.  Thanks Benny for the quick reply to my query.] 

The Daily Mail has an incorrect quote from me in yesterday's print edition.  I spoke to no one at that paper, the quote is not something I said to anyone else nor does it appear on my blog.  The Daily Mail story is now corrected online, thanks to Benny Peiser of the GWPF who was the actual source of the quote.  Here is the incorrect quote:
I interpret the IAC review as an indirect call for Dr Pachauri to step down. That is what it says between the lines, whether or not he understands it. It is clearly a very, very strong criticism of his management and of him personally. The problem is that many in the international community regard him as damaged goods.
If the Daily Mail was going to misattribute a quote, they might have had the courtesy to make it sound like something I would have said.  For the record, I agree with the first sentence of the quote but not the other three. Regardless, misattributing quotes is pretty uncool.

I've emailed the reporter (Fiona MacRae) and Peiser (not his fault, of course) to ask for corrections (see UPDATE above).  Perhaps Ms. MacRae might take advantage of the free reading glasses given out by her paper to see things a bit more clearly in the future.


  1. Apparent autoreply from The Daily Mail's Fiona MacRae:

    "Thank you for taking the trouble to send me your e-mail. I have noted your comments and may get back to you in the near future"

  2. Journalists tell lies, it's a universal truth. They can't help themselves. It's a power thing.

    The Dail Mail is the most uncool newspaper this side of the second world war. However, the Guardian global warming team really are pathetic creatures. Yes, it's better than dealing drugs, but not much.


    Tea Party seeks candidates who say no to global warming and gay marriage.

    A local Ohioan newspaper called the Sandusky Register has unearthed....


    Am I living inside an American comic book ? Is Anne Coulter a friend of batman ?

  3. Just like other consumer product companies newspapers are marketers. In the case of newspapers they segment the market by political bent. The Guardian following is obviously more liberal than the Telegraph. The NY Times has a tutorial for writing letters to the editor. It says most of its readers are liberals and therefore most letters are from them. For this reason those letters are more likely to be published.