27 September 2010

Me on Geoengineering on Southern California Public Radio

I was interviewed this morning by Madeline Brand on Southern California Public Radio on the subject of geoengineering. I discuss geoengineering in Chapter 5 of The Climate Fix.  In the interview I try to give a fair account, but I am decidedly not a fan. My interview can be accessed at the link above and it is the top one of the two audio links.

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  1. Nice job, Professor - I liked your saying that we humans have already influenced the environment in unanticipated & often negative ways so tinkering with "geoegineering" is certain to follow the laws of unintended consequences as well.

    I don't know if you heard it, but your piece was followed by a very lightweight (being very generous) interview with a reporter about what global warming will mean to the far Northern latitudes - with a recommendation to buy stocks in Canadian Mutual funds that specialize in mining minerals close to the coast as the inland mines will become inaccessible since winters will no longer be cold enough to build ice roads to re-supply them.....