28 September 2010

This Just In -- Upcoming Debate with Benny Peiser

This just in -- I will be debating Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London on November 16th.  The event will start at 5:30PM, so mark your calendars.  I'll ask if it can be streamed or otherwise made available.  I'll share further details as they are firmed up.


  1. Do you have an agreed debate topic, or are the two of you open for suggestions?

  2. My suggestion would be at the 1/2 way point the two of you switch sides and make the opposing argument with fresh material not presented in the first half.

    After all it's about the science, not the policy. ;)

  3. Sounds interesting. Will it be open to the public? If so I will try to be there.

  4. What was the background for the decision to debate?

  5. I'll be there, but apart from a book-selling trip (quite right too) what will the debate be about?

  6. The debate will be a debate about policy (not science) although discussing the role of science in policy and politics will be fair game. More details as things firm up ... stay tuned.

  7. Roger

    As you are going to London, you may be interested in this.

    Notice the reference to the nuclear industry.

    (My title below).

    Anti democratic forces take over British politics.

    In his first speech as Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband today vowed to reject the findings of focus groups that suggest there are no votes in green issues, pledging to stick by his belief that climate change represents the gravest threat to the world economy. "The focus groups will tell you that there are no votes in green issues," he told the Labour conference in Manchester. "Maybe not. But taking the difficult steps to protect our planet for future generations is the greatest challenge our generation faces."

    He argued that climate change represented the greatest challenge to the current generation of politicians and warned that greenhouse gas emissions could not be curbed using the traditional approach to short-term politics."Climate change, just like the aging society, can't be tackled by the politics we have," he warned. "They don't lend themselves to the politics of now: instant results, instant votes, instant popularity. X-factor politics. So we can't be imprisoned by the focus groups. Politics has to be about leadership or it is about nothing."

    Miliband was this week hailed by Friends of the Earth as the greenest of the three main party leaders thanks to his stint as energy and climate change secretary.

    However, his lengthy speech touched only briefly on environmental issues and offered little in the way of firm policy commitments, instead focusing largely on his desire to lead a "new generation" of Labour politicians capable of challenging the coalition's "pessimistic" economic strategy. He attacked one aspect of the coalition's green record, slamming the decision to withdraw a loan to Sheffield Forgemasters designed to help the company produce specialist components for a new generation of British nuclear reactors. "When you deprive Sheffield Forgemasters of a loan, a loan from government which would be paid back, you deprive Britain of the ability to lead the world in new technology," he said. "It's not responsible, it's irresponsible."


  8. I just discovered my past - same game.

    The problem with the average Anglo American corporate information consumer is that he doesn't know anything useful. Noam Chomsky believes it's because journalists are pre selected for low intelligence.


    Counter Information (CI) started life during the miners’ dispute of the 1980's to counter the lies and propaganda of mainstream media.

    C.I. was a collective (some of us had been involved in the past with such projects Paisley Gutter Press, Practical Anarchy, Here and Now, Black Bairn, Glasgow Bookshop Collective and others I canny remember) where everybody had a say in the content of the paper.