20 October 2010


Michael Mann, Paul Ehrlich and Sefan Rahmstorf have a silly letter in Nature in which they criticize Daniel Greenberg and Nature over his positive review of The Climate Fix.  This is the second try by activist climate scientists to get some sort of mileage out of the Greenberg review.  They write:
In our view, Daniel Greenberg's book review of 'The Climate Fix' by Roger Pielke Jr (Nature 467, 526527; 2010) does a disservice to your readership by besmirching the integrity of the climate-research community.

Nature should have pointed out to its readers that Greenberg has served as a round-table speaker and written a report (see http://go.nature.com/otwvz2) for the Marshall Institute (see http://go.nature.com/4u9ttd).
The relevance of Greenberg's minor interactions with the Marshall Institute to his review of my book is left for the reader to discern, but presumably it disqualifies him from something. If Mann et al. want to actually comment on my book, there are far more direct ways of doing so. I suspect that a critique of a review of my book is the closest that these activist scientists will get to actually engaging it.

In the letter, they also take issue with Greenberg's use of a quote from Steve Schneider.  They fail to mention that my book presents the full quote as well as Schneider's response.  For some odd reason Nature did not point out to its readers all of the organizations that Mann, Ehrlich and Rahmstorf have contributed to as speakers or report writers.  That would just be silly, wouldn't it?


John M said...

You know, if these guys keep coming out of the woodwork complaining about how anyone that disagrees with them makes a living, someone might think they might be trying to practice restraint of trade.

Howard said...

Unfortunately, the letter is behind a paywall at Nature, and for some reason I don't feel inclined to donate $18 for the privilege of reading it.

So, their response to what they claim is Greenberg "besmirching the integrity of the climate-research community", is ... to besmirch Greenberg's integrity?

Wow. So Greenberg participated in a roundtable discussion on the topic of giving scientific advice to Congress, and this makes him "unclean". This makes about as much sense as the classifications in the [in]famous Anderegg, Prall et al. article.

Greenberg must be made to wear a scarlet "GMI", to warn others that he might have contracted some infectious disease by talking to those who might disagree with Mann, Ehrlich and Rahmstorf. No, wait, the suggestion was only that it be required to list this horrible indiscretion with his credentials, so that all who are "in" will know that he does not speak the truth.

Tim said...

Roger, I think your use of the word 'silly' to describe this sort of behaviour on the part of Mann, Ehrlich and Rahmstorf is not appropriate.

Next time give 'puerile', 'infantile' or 'farcial' a spin.

boballab said...

Roger look to the bright side: Ehrlich has been wrong in everything he is remotely known for. Just ask him how that bet with Julian Simon turned out and how come we are not all dead by now as he predicted.

Matt said...

Oh no! Not Paul Ehrlich! He's a national treasure!

Paul said...

Roger, As it stands I will receive your book, The Climate Fix here in Sweden sometime next month.

If I had read that Mann, Ehrlich and Rahmstorf had sent their silly letter to Nature prior to placing my order for your book there is an outside chance that I wouldn't have bundled it with a book that will not be released until the end of October(but I doubt it). I always try to conserve and ship everything once, when ready.

Looking forward to reading The Climate Fix :)

Paul In Sweden

sien said...

It is amazing that the climate research community keeps Ehrlich around. A professor of Wrongology with his reputation is a liability.

itisi69 said...

"besmirching the integrity of the climate-research community"

For the common people (i.e. those who actually pay for the science) climate science and integrity is becoming more and more an oxymoron...

Stan said...


You should wear their disapproval as a badge of honor. Michael Mann, Paul Ehrlich and Stefan Rahmstorf? Aren't they the poster boys for badly screwed up statistics in studies purporting to be science?

The opposition of the incompetent and corrupt can be a good thing.

nigguraths said...

Dr Pielke Jr
Thanks for the alert to this mind-boggling letter.

I read a sample chapter on my Kindle from your book. I stumbled over the "growing up with my dad I never doubted the importance of CO2" and thought: "Man, what a stragne reason to carry out 'decarbonization'".

Now, if these people are making noises about it - you must have said something correct in your book. I'll buy it.

Frontiers of Faith and Science said...

Mann is begining to do a really good, inadvertent, Captain Queeg.
And it wasn't even necessary for Jose Ferrer to get him talking for his true self to shine forth.

Gerard Harbison said...

Ehrlich is not in climate science. He's actually an entomologist. This has, however, not inhibited him from ex cathedra pronouncements in many other fields.

Ehrlich always reminds me that if a clock is one minute slow and continues to run slow by an infinitesimal amount, it will, despite the saying, never ever be right.

AMac said...

It's a short letter, and the "besmirching" claim is fully reproduced by Roger in the shaded box.

That text is followed by "We also object to Greenberg's misleading comments relating to our recently deceased colleague Steve Schneider..."

While the letter's authors do object to Greeenberg's truncated quote, they neither complain nor applaud that The Climate Fix placed that quote in context. They don't seem to care.

It's strange.

Fred said...

"Mann is begining to do a really good, inadvertent, Captain Queeg."


Where can we buy some global warming marbles?

madadadam said...

" besmirching the integrity of the climate-research community"

By god, it must have been exceptionally difficult to do that!

Lewis said...

Hey, aren't you, McIntyre et al (!) trained by the Marshal Institute!? I'm sure I've read it somewhere and therefore take it on grand authority! Just as I take the allegations against Wegman. Same old same old!

Lewis said...

I've ordered your book from my local library - the same way I got the HSI - so I hope you get the royalties! I've always admired you Roger for your equanimity in these matters, despite your sometimes seeming temporising so I look forward to it! Then I'll be a member of your club?

Lewis said...

Wait a minute, is that poor Cassandra (thank God no one listened to him!)Ehrlich still alive? He must be what 90?

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