13 October 2010

The Grantham Institute Responds

The spokesperson for The Grantham Institute for Climate Change at the London School of Economics, Bob Ward, has provided this response to my post from yesterday:
Dear Roger,

I am so sorry that my colleagues could not find the time to help with your promotional book tour. Happily, as you know, your co-author on the Hartwell Paper, Professor Prins, has already booked a lecture theatre on the LSE campus so that you can sell copies of your book. And I am sure that you will sell plenty of copies at your debate with Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. I just hope it receives more interest than the traffic on this blog might suggest!

As you know, the dates you offered coincide with the first week of the UN climate change conference in Mexico. I understand that you have nothing to contribute to the conference, but the same cannot be said for my colleagues.

But I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunity to debate the content of your book in the new year.
I have about a half dozen snarky rejoinders that would fit well here, but I think Bob's words say quite a lot on their own.


PaulM said...

Oh, come on Roger, please, put up some of those snarky rejoinders!

boballab said...

Roger take note Mr. Ward could only respond to the dates you provided that coincide with as he terms it "first week of the conference". I wonder why he didn't address the fact you offered dates after the conference? Also why is it that all of Granthams researchers need to fly to Cancun? Rent a Crowd for what is already characterized as a dead gathering? And about that Carbon Footprint from flying to Cancun...tsk,tsk haven't you heard of teleconferencing Mr. Ward?

Oh wait if everyone stayed home and teleconferenced then you couldn't achieve the real goal of the conference: sit on the beach and get a tan, while drinking Mai Tais's. I do hope the dreadful person that arranged last winters kaffeeklatch was fired, what were they thinking Denmark in winter!

Paul Biggs said...

Of course, there is yet another CO2 emitting UN global warming industry climate junket - MexiCO2 :-)

Malcolm said...

Sorry Roger but you deserve every Ward snark for being naive. You blindly ended up talking to the Grantham monkey instead of the Grantham organ grinder. Lets hope you don't repeat that mistake again.

Roger Pielke, Jr. said...


Thanks, but you need to keep up!

Stan said...

That Bob Ward is a real public relations genius. He really makes an impact on the public's perception of his employer. I know the 'professionalism' of his response certainly changed what I think of Grantham.

Professor Pizzle said...

The PR equivalent of a teenage boy going ‘I'm not scared. No, I mean I'm really not scared’.

Maybe he believes it.

Richard Tol said...

Ward's PR skills are on par with the Swede who tried to sell hoovers under the slogan "nothing sucks like an Electrolux"

Frontiers of Faith and Science said...

Bob will utltimately regret this latest attempt at damage control.

Howard said...

One has to admit that Mr Ward's sneer density is fairly close to maximal. As to whether that's a good thing, well -- he seems to think so. We leave it as an exercise to the reader to find another person so inclined.

Josh said...

Go on post the mouse!


Reiner Grundmann said...

Like the 10:10 video, this is intended to do maximum damage to the author(s). Ergo, it must be a hoax!
Am I missing something?

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