26 October 2010

There is a Lesson Here

David James, keeper for Bristol City, explains how he wound up in the Championship after a long spell in top flight football, most recently with Portsmouth:
How did I end up here? I must confess it wasn't part of the plan. I thought I would either stay with Portsmouth, move to a Premier League club, or go to Scotland. In between thinking about all that there was my wedding to Amanda to organise. Somehow it all converged at a single point: the morning after my stag do.

I received a phone call from an unknown number – I don't usually answer those but I was still drunk and so I picked it up. Much to my astonishment the man on the other end was Steve Coppell. He said: "All right Dave, I'm the Bristol City manager, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in having a look at the club?" If it had been anyone else I would not have considered it, but such was my respect for Steve that Bristol City suddenly became a serious contender.


  1. Could have been worse for Calamity James, he could have ended up playing in the MLS.

  2. Calamity James was still drunk from the night before . That explains a lot :-)

    Someone of that earning power doesn't get into that kind of mess. His agent would have been working like a madman to get him a contract before the start of the season. Bristol gave him the best offer.

    He was supposed to sign for Celtic. Maybe he doesn't fancy the weather or the sectarian insanity in Glasgow. It's still a much bigger club than Bristol.

  3. re sectarianism

    My Celtic supporting musician friend was too frightened to go to a pub on Sunday to watch the Celtic vs Rangers game. He had to listen to the radio. That is what I mean by insanity.