04 October 2010

Where to Get The Climate Fix in Australia?

A few readers have written in asking where in Australia they might get a copy of The Climate Fix.  I have been advised that Dymocks is the place to go, and overseas publication date is October 14th.  Australian readers are invited to weigh in with their experiences and advice.


Scott said...

Notwithstanding living in Oz, I just bought a copy from Amazon.

sien said...

The book can be bought with no shipping as a Kindle book and read in Australia. The Kindle client for computers and phones works well.

Bill Kerr said...

I bought my copy from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ (bookdepository)no shipping costs is the iron law of which internet bookseller to buy from ;-)


Thanks Roger/Bill,
Have ordered through The bookdepository.

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