27 February 2011

Australia Carbon Tax Poll


Bill said...

The link got mangled somehow.

Frontiers of Faith and Science said...

should there not be a 'the tax will not be implemented' category?

Lévi said...

I am french and I live in Sydney, I really think it will collapse as it was the case in France last year.
We will see what happen but I am not very confident about it….
I wrote an article about it from a tax point of view: http://www.australia-offshore.com/carbon-tax-australia-july-2012/

Matt said...

Related Tweet as Oz' PM apparently goes Old Spice:

@chriskkenny: look at me, here's a promise, now it's a tax, look at my levy, back at me, another tax, look it's gay marriage, I'm on a horse. #auspol

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