08 March 2011

Barca Was Better

Barcelona deserved to go through. The second yellow on Van Persie was a joke indeed, but irrelevant to the outcome.  Hard to believe that Nicklas Bendtner could have sent Arsenal through but mishandled Wilshire's fine effort.   Here is a summary of the domination from Dirty Tackle:
Barcelona beat Arsenal 20-0 in shots, 76%-24% in possession (according to Opta) and 3-1 in actual goals over their Champions League second leg match to advance on a 4-3 aggregate score. Cesc Febragas launched half-joking theories about his allegiances when he set up Lionel Messi's superb first goal (above). Sergio Busquets showed Arsenal how to score against his own team with an own goal in the 53rd minute.
Next stop, Manchester.  Here's hoping for a different result.


  1. We'll have to disagree about the red on VanPersie. It changed the whole game.
    They do play a beautiful game though.
    Shaktar has taken apart Roma again.

    Big one for Spurs tomorrow but with Bale and VandeVaart back...anything is possible!

  2. The beauty of football - Bendtner could have sent them, wildly unfairly, through. But Barca were profligate in the extreme, so yes, you could argue the red card changed the game given the extreme narrowness of victory in the end, you certainly can't say irrelevant.

    But that's maturity too - why did van Persie get himself booked for slapping Dani Alves, the hardest man on the Barca team? What was the point?

    Here's a stat - of the 36 players on the pitch and bench, ONE was English, Jack Wilshere, and I thought he was the best Arsenal player, and in an English way would have run his guts out for another ninety minutes if he had to. Compare him and Diaby, or him and Fabregas, who simply couldn't adapt to never having the ball.

    As is shown above, ZERO shots on goal? You what?

    Sadly Bale won't start tonight, and may not come on as a sub. I will be there though, I'm having trouble with my lunch because of nerves already. In my head it's one-all already with Gomes flapping at something within ten minutes.

  3. -2-Roddy

    Here is what Guardiola said about Wilshire:

    "we have many players in the second team like him but he plays because there is no pressure at his club to win titles"

    Ouch! (I think)

    Have fun! Go Spurs ;-)

  4. I disagree. Barcelona deserved to win this game but the bogus call is clearly relevant in an aggregate goal context.

  5. And the Spurs come through! Not as I envisioned...but I'll take it!
    Shalke is through as well...but I think any of the final 7 others would like to have them next!

  6. Well, we won, we won a little bit ugly, Gomes, as I predicted, tried to give away a goal, but we beat the Italian league leaders over two legs without conceding a goal. Us newcomers.

    Watching the highlights later, our crowd was fantastic. And the closing rousing chorus of 'Are you watching, Arsenal?' was a joy.

    Man of the match - Sandro.

  7. Will you be supporting Spurs in the CL now?