13 September 2011

Good Work if You Can Get It

Thanks to the Student Union at Washington University in St. Louis we get a window into current market rates for a few on-campus speakers:

$145,000 - Al Gore
$127,000 - Bill Maher
$92,000 - Fareed Zakaria
$72,400 - Gary Kasparov
$69,493 - John Legend
$60,000 - David Brooks
$57,300 - Sanjay Gupta

Let me extend an offer to the students at Washington University -- I will be happy to provide a far more accurate and pragmatic talk on climate change than Al Gore for, oh, less than half of what he is asking;-)


dagfinn said...

But of course, if you charge less, people will think your advice is less valuable. ;-)

Ken & Carol said...

These look like numbers meant to discourage the buyer. I wonder how many units they sell at these prices?

Jon said...

This is par for the course. Here's a recent top 10 list of public speaking fees:


Sean said...

I've always wondered what Al Gore would charge if anyone was allowed to ask questions.

Matt said...

-2- Ken and / or Carol,

They don't need to sell many. :-)

Gerard Harbison said...

Better news; if you don't pay them, they won't talk to you.

Most bores aren't so obliging.

models-methods-software.com said...

Does Al Gore realize that every last penny of his fee has been produced in a carbon-based economy?

Wonder what the carbon emissions are per speaking gig?

Peter D. Tillman said...

Per your previous post (& link),

Mike Hulme "undertakes public speaking on climate change, either pro bono or for fees ranging from $50 to $400."

Heh. Roger, I'm afraid you will fall closer to Hulme than Gore in your lecture-fee potential ;-]

Tant pis....

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