05 April 2012

The Climate Fix Lecture and Slides

I have recently received a bunch of requests for the slides which accompany the lecture that I gave at the Australian National University in Canberra in February.

The lecture can be seen above and here is a link to a PDF of the slides. Comments of course welcomed, and here is a link to the book.



  1. This is an excellent and very enjoyable lecture and I highly recommend watching.

  2. Thanks Roger, very interesting slides, very nice summary of your book.
    Yesterday I had dinner with Richard Tol after he gave a guest course for students in Amsterdam. He said we can solve this (on a century time scale) with a carbon tax. No other measures needed.
    As I hold both of you in high regard I wonder where this difference comes from. Is that what you explain in the Hartwell paper, i.e. that companies do little in energy R&D and that therefore governements should spent larger amounts specifically on energy R&D?
    cheers, Marcel Crok

  3. -2-Marcel Crok

    Thanks ... "solve this" -- depends upon what is meant by "this". I'd suspect that Richard and I have different definitions of what "this" is.