30 May 2012

Hedersdoktor at LiU

Here is me last week at the Linköping University commencement ceremony where I received an honorary doctorate. I had a great time and was deeply honored to receive the award. The commencement ceremony was a special occasion.

I look forward to continued collaborations with all of my friends and colleagues at Linköpings universitet. I'd especially like to get started a student exchange program, as there is a lot of complementary work going on between CU and LiU.

Thanks LiU!!


Michael E. Zimmerman said...

Congratulations, Roger! You look very dapper in the top hat and tails, too.

John M said...

That picture looks like it's missing a groundhog.


Roger Pielke, Jr. said...

-2-John M

Actually he is sitting on my head under the hat ;-)

Peter T said...

Well there is a surprise.
I was born there, and my brother got a doctorate there too not long ago.

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