21 December 2012

Most Read Posts of 2012: Superheroes, Hooters Girls and the Bullsh*t Button

What were the most read posts at this blog in 2012?

1. Chief Scientists are no Superheroes
A critique of a House of Lords report on departmental Chief Scientific Advisors:
The basic flaw in the report is the assumption that science can be cleanly separated from the political process by empowering a heroic individual with special influence on policy making.
2. Hooters Girls are not Hicks Neutral
A part of an ongoing series of discussions on innovation, technology and the economy that is the subject of a new book:
This post is also part of a argument that asserts that the discipline of economics has failed to provide an account of innovation in the economy that helps to guide 21st century policy making, and more fundamentally, that economics is simply incapable of providing such an account. A big claim, sure to raise the hackles of card carrying economists. So fasten your seatbelt.
3. A Handy Bullshit Button on Disasters and Climate Change
Who knows how high and deep the nonsense on disasters and climate change will continue to be piled -- Way high is my guess. Keep yourself grounded with the scientific literature with this handy button:
With this post I am creating a handy bullshit button on this subject (pictured above). Anytime that you read claims that invoke disasters loss trends as an indication of human-caused climate change, including  the currently popular "billion dollar disasters" meme, you can simply call "bullshit" and point to the IPCC SREX report.
Other posts getting a lot of traffic included initial ruminations on the Peter Gleick impersonation/forgery affair, a critique of IPCC shenanigans before the US Congress and the IPCC's tortured response to an internally-motivated effort to correct errors in AR4 on disasters.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays! 


  1. The BS Button got a alot of use this year. Merry Chritmas.

  2. Have a great holiday Roger. I'll be reading the Nostradamus book I got last year. He is the reason I knew the Mayans were wrong.

    P.S. I am not totally anti American. I love Katy Perry. Really like Gaga too. Big Madonna fan in her day. Certainly not for their looks, but their music.

    American pop is on a high

    Rihanna Diamonds


    Yes, Dylan, Green Day, Blondie, Television, Talking Heads, the Ramones and Velvets too.

  3. Roger I referenced your article on the Conversation and it seems they were less than impressed.
    "Referencing Anthony Watts and Roger Pielke Jr should be an immediate fail in science and a removal of credibility. Anyone who can directly quote an international science report and conclude the exact opposite of what it says needs to go back to primary school for reading comprehension classes, not be lauded by climate change denial pundits and zealots."
    You may wish to comment yourself.