28 July 2014

My Interview on Departing FiveThirtyEight

If you are curious about my views on no longer writing for FiveThirtyEight and my experiences in the climate debate, Keith Kloor interviews me here. If there is something that you wish Keith had asked but didn't, feel free to use the comments here.


  1. RPJ

    Was there anyone academically or politically that openly supported/defended your position in this affair?

  2. 1. You mentioned the learned-value of tenure as a security backstop when it comes to suffering at the hands of others simply for how your research might speak to policy. In other University arenas it has afforded numerous professors the ability to speak their mind freely (policy or otherwise) on a number of controversial fronts. ... Is it possible then that we can dial back all these FOIA shield-laws when it comes to "Academic Discourse" involving tenured professors because it doesn't/wouldn't/hasn't actually chilled any free speech or flow of ideas (except for maybe the potentially libelous and disparaging ones)?

    Presidents enjoy such protections when hearing the "unvarnished" consult from their select panels on policy topics, but when it comes to University scientists whose research speaks to policy, it's quite undeniable that their cards(tweets, etc.) are already on the table.

  3. In the world of dueling estimates the US Chamber Of Commerce estimates the annual costs of the EPA Coal Plant regulations to be ~$30B. Carrying it forward to 2100 we get a total cost of ~$2,520B. The difference is trivial compared to the mitigation costs, and this is just one set of regulations.

  4. Great interview. You've shown a lot of class throughout this controversy, unlike your detractors.

    Carry on. Your integrity and the excellence of your work will be what endures in the end.